Products for Android OS

Turn your Android Tablet or Smartphone into a handwriting recognition tablet with these apps:

WritePad® 5.2 for Android Supports Android OS 3.0 or later
WritePad is an advanced input method for Android OS which aims to replace the on-screen keyboard with PhatWare's proven handwriting recognition technology and can be used for text input in any Android application. WritePad recognizes handwriting in Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish.

PhatPad® 2.5 for Android Supports Android OS 2.3 or later
A uniquely powerful brainstorming tool, PhatPad turns users mobile devices into an idea hub where they're free to handwrite notes with either their finger or a stylus, throw in custom drawings, and do so while ensuring that shapes and words all come out graphically sound and perfectly legible via advanced handwriting recognition and enhancement technology.