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PhatWare Sponsors Project 1701A, Using Quantum Research to Develop New Computational Technologies

New collaboration project formed to conduct theoretical and experimental research in the field of quantum information and computati.

Spokane, WA, December 21, 2011 - PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces its collaboration with Project 1701A, LLC, a new venture created to conduct theoretical and experimental research in quantum information processing and quantum computation.

Quantum information technology is a truly interdisciplinary field, incorporating physical sciences, computer science, engineering, and mathematics. Project 1701A ‘s research seeks answers to the fundamental questions required to decode the information content inherent in various quantum-optical systems. This resulting information technology revolution will enable technologies with tremendous human benefit.

"While the focus of our efforts is in quantum optics— quantum computation, quantum cryptography, refining our understanding of the applicability of standard model and an integration of this insight into the emergence of physical laws from the principles of information science — our eyes are looking beyond, into enabling technologies for advancing this revolution,” said Marc Faggin, chairman of Project 1701A.

The primary focus of the Project 1701A’s research is:

  • Quantum information processing
  • Coherent quantum control
  • Quantum key distribution with entangled states
  • Non-classical states of light
  • Extending the applicability of the standard model
  • Photon entanglement with phase and quasi-phase-matched crystals

"PhatWare's experience in delivering software products and its extensive knowledge of advanced mathematical algorithms, including neural networks and fuzzy logic, combined with Project 1701A’s innovative research is the perfect collaboration to make new discoveries in quantum information processing," said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corp.

For more information about Project 1701A, LLC, please visit

About PhatWare

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About Project 1701A

Project 1701A was founded my Stan Miasnikov and Marc Faggin in May of 2011. Through both theoretical and applied experimental work, they seek to solidify the foundations of quantum information technology by developing practical technologies for their implementation. Project 1701A is a privately held LLC and is supported entirely at this time, by private donations from its sponsor, PhatWare Corporation, and benefactor Federico Faggin. To learn more visit