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Phatware Announces PhatUpdate SDK for Windows Mobile

Software developers can now offer users an automated way to wirelessly check for updates and download new versions of Windows Mobile applications

Mountain View, CA, February 5, 2008 - PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of a Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for its PhatUpdate application. PhatUpdate, which is built into the most recent versions of PhatWare's PhatPad, PhatNotes, and CalliGrapher applications for Windows Mobile devices, allows users to check for and download latest software updates. The SDK enables developers of mobile software applications to add this feature to their own software products and includes a royalty-free license to redistribute PhatUpdate application with developer's products.

Beyond offering product updates, the application can also be configured to offer trial versions of other 1st and 3rd party software and provides links to download and purchase the software directly from the device.

"After demonstrating PhatUpdate at a Microsoft Windows Mobile Partner Summit, I was approached by others with an interest in adding such a feature to their own products, which inspired me to create a SDK for it," said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare Corp. "As developers continually refine their applications, communicating and providing updates to thousands of users becomes a major challenge. The PhatUpdate SDK makes it much easier to communicate and update versions for a developer's entire user base."

"The PhatUpdate SDK provided us with a drop-dead easy to use solution that saved us time and money keeping our own solution updated," said Alex Kac, President and Founder of Web Information Solutions, Inc. "It's probably the easiest SDK I've been able to integrate into our system I've ever used."

The PhatUpdate SDK comes complete with the program and documentation that describes how it can be customized to be used with any software on a Classic, Standard or Professional device powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 or later. While no programming is necessary to add PhatUpdate to an existing product, the SDK also offers two C++ samples that demonstrate how to share PhatUpdate among multiple products and create an optional user DLL that can modify PhatUpdate behavior and extend its functionality.

The PhatUpdate SDK is available for $599 per royalty-free site license, includes one year maintenance and updates and two hours of engineering support via phone or email. The maintenance plan can be renewed for $199 per year.

For more information about PhatUpdate SDK please visit PhatWare web site at

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