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PhatWare Releases PhatPad 4.0 for Windows Powered Tablet, Desktop and Pocket PCs

Upgraded software supports Windows Vista and gives mobile users support for typed text in addition to digital ink, document security and templates

Mountain View, CA, December 19, 2006 - PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of PhatPad 4.0, the next generation of the company's award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows-based Tablet, Desktop and Windows Mobile powered Pocket PCs.

PhatPad allows users to draw pictures, jot notes or put a mixture of pictures and typed text on a virtual scratch pad. The program uses new digital ink technology, which provides a very smooth ink flow, so it feels like writing on an actual piece of paper. While working with the note editor, PhatPad offers standard editing commands in addition to a customizable pen palette and variable pen width.

"We're excited to see PhatWare continue to develop and enhance the PhatPad application across Microsoft platforms while adding to their line of great productivity tools for Windows Mobile users." said John Dietz, group product manager, Microsoft Corp. "PhatPad is yet another tool that can help people increase their personal and professional productivity and communications while on the go."

One of the most notable new features in PhatPad 4.0 is support for typed text in addition to digital ink. Typed text can be inserted into the new or existing PhatPad documents in the form of text objects or labels. PhatPad allows up to 1,000 text objects per page with each text object containing up to 16KB of text and attributes such as background, border, and text color and text font. Users can then edit, move or delete existing text objects. All text is stored in Unicode and is supported on both desktop and Pocket PCs.

The upgraded software also includes a number of other new features, including improved inking and integration with handwriting recognition software on Tablet PCs and UMPCs, sinkable user interface with 9 pre-defined skins (including four skins similar to Microsoft Office 2007’s interface), document templates, password-protection with 256-bit long security key and new proprietary encryption algorithms, as well as support for Microsoft Windows Vista.

"PhatWare is thrilled about the recent improvements made to PhatPad based on the professional and consumer feedback we received after the release of PhatPad version 3" said PhatWare president Stan Miasnikov. "PhatWare appreciates all of the input received by industry professionals and consumers to make PhatPad among the best in its class."

The application works on Pocket PCs running Windows Mobile 2003 or later and Tablet, Desktop and UMPCs with Windows 2000 SP3 or later (including Windows Vista with Windows Mobile Device Center component).

PhatPad Pricing and Availability

PhatPad 4.0 is available now at the list price of $39.95. For a limited time only, PhatPad 4.0 will be sold for a special introductory price of $29.95. A free 30-day trial version of PhatPad 4.0 can be downloaded from the PhatWare web site at All registered customers of PhatPad 3.0 who purchased the product on or after September 10, 2006 will receive a free upgrade. All other registered users of any previous versions of PhatPad can purchase the latest version for a special upgrade price of $19.95. 

About PhatWare

Founded in October 1997, PhatWare Corporation is a leading provider of easy to use powerful software products and professional services for the mobile and desktop computing marketplace. PhatWare specializes in handwriting recognition, digital ink, note taking, and database and network management software development. The company exclusively manages development, support and distribution of ParaGraph CalliGrapher and PenOffice handwriting recognition products. PhatWare Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and Microsoft Tablet PC Premier Partner. To learn more about PhatWare, visit

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