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CalliGrapher 8.3 Increases Productivity for Windows Mobile Users

New PenCommands and Write Pad adjustments significantly improve award-winning application

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA May 31, 2006 - PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces CalliGrapher 8.3 for increased productivity when entering handwritten data on Windows Mobile devices. CalliGrapher 8.3 features new PenCommands and the ability to hide the Write Pad toolbar.

Named the best software for handwriting recognition for Microsoft Windows Mobile based Pocket PCs by industry experts for four consecutive years, CalliGrapher analyzes pen strokes written in any application window or in the designated Write Pad area, then converts those pen strokes into text and sends the recognized text to the target application. Employing advanced fuzzy logic and neural net techniques, CalliGrapher recognizes arbitrary alphanumeric strings as well as words contained in its integrated dictionary.

To address the customer's needs in a fast-growing market of phone-enabled Pocket PC devices, the new version of CalliGrapher features four additional PenCommands that allow dialing phone numbers, sending SMS messages and e-mails, and capturing video and still images with the built-in camera. PenCommander is a feature of CalliGrapher that allows users to launch pre-recorded, user-defined commands. For example, with PenCommander it is now possible to dial a phone number selected in any text editing application by simply using the Dial command.

While using the CalliGrapher Write Pad input method to enter text, users can now hide the Write Pad toolbar giving them more usable space on the device's screen. This is especially useful on devices with square screens and when the device is used in the landscape mode. Write Pad is a soft input panel that allows users to write handwritten text in a designated area. The text is immediately recognized and the recognition displayed before the text is inserted into the chosen application. The ability to hide the toolbar frees 25 percent of the space used by the input panel.

"PhatWare is constantly listening to its users' feedback and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in hardware devices," said Stan Miasnikov, president of PhatWare. "We are thrilled to keep improving CalliGrapher to benefit the handheld community."

CalliGrapher 8.3 has additional improvements for speed and quality of recognition. The software supports devices running on any Windows Mobile 2003 based Pocket PC or later, however some new PenCommands require a phone-enabled Pocket PC and Windows Mobile 5.0. CalliGrapher 8.3 can be purchased from the PhatWare Web site for $39.95 and is a free upgrade for users of 8.0 or later. Owners of previous versions can upgrade to CalliGrapher 8.3 for $24.95. For a limited time only, PhatWare offers a $5 discount for new and existing CalliGrapher users. For more information about CalliGrapher or other PhatWare products, visit

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Founded in October 1997, PhatWare Corporation is a leading provider of easy to use powerful software products and professional services for the mobile and desktop computing marketplace. PhatWare specializes in handwriting recognition, digital ink, note taking, and database and network management software development. The company exclusively manages development, support and distribution of ParaGraph CalliGrapher and PenOffice handwriting recognition products. PhatWare Corporation is a Microsoft Certified Partner, Microsoft Windows Embedded Partner and Microsoft Tablet PC Premier Partner. To learn more about PhatWare, visit

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