Products for Windows Desktop and Tablet PCs

Windows 8/RT (Metro) Products

PhatPad 2.2 for Windows 8/RT - $4.99
PhatPad is a note-taking and collaboration app featuring PhatWare's proven handwriting recognition technology. More than just a note-taking app, PhatPad turns practically any Windows Surface Tablet or Desktop computer into an advanced brainstorming tool by enabling users to draw, write, and type on the device, then instantly share ideas via email or sync their documents with Dropbox.
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Windows Desktop Products

PenOffice 3.3 - was $59.95 now $39.95
Special price for education - only $29.95 contact for more info and to order.
PenOffice is advanced collaboration and handwriting recognition software for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, which features highly accurate handwriting recognition, easy-to-use user interface, and extensive set of pen-based collaboration features. PenOffice recognizes handwriting in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, and Spanish, and is designed for use with Windows-based Desktop, Portable, Tablet, and Ultra Mobile PCs.  
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PenCommander 2.1 - $9.95
PenCommander features a new powerful technology which allows you to use your pen to call up commands that can control your computer in almost limitless ways, such as editing documents, inserting often-repeated text into documents, and launching applications. To execute a PenCommand, simply write a PenCommand name on the PenCommander input panel. PenCommander is the best tool for entering repetitive data, accessing frequently used applications and documents, and overall extending your pen-enabled computer's functionality and productivity. 
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PhatNotes Desktop Edition 5.6 - $9.95
PhatNotes allows you to easily create, search, and sort text-based notes on your PC powerd by Windows Desktop, giving you a powerful new way to manage and access personal information on-the-go. The program includes synchronization modules for Windows Mobile and iPhone allowing sync with PhatNotes 5.4 or later for Windows Mobile and PhatNotes 1.0 or later for iPhone and iPod Touch.